Fox climbs to new heights in St Albans garden

FANTASTIC Mr Fox was stuck on top of a hedge in a St Albans garden last week.

Just after 2pm on Sunday (20), the Thompson family, who live in Portman Close, spotted a giant fox perching on top of the row of 11 foot-high conifer trees in their back garden.

Ken Thompson said that it was his son who saw it first: “My son was sat on the couch which overlooks the garden, and he suddenly went ballistic! I didn’t know what on earth was going on until he pointed out the giant fox sat on top of our conifer trees.”

Ken said that the fox, which was more the size of a wolf, stayed put for 10 minutes apparently trying to think of a way to get down, before it eventually scrambled through the middle of the conifer trees and onto the lawn.

He added: “To look up and see a big healthy fox through the window was unbelievable! We do spot some around this neck of the woods, but they are usually very scrawny. This was definitely a first and, if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll spot the same fox again.”