See how different this St Albans man looks after losing 10st

John Brown is 23st in this picture.

John Brown is 23st in this picture. - Credit: Archant

These photos show the dramatic weight loss of a formerly morbidly obese St Albans man after he embarked on a life-changing exercise and diet programme.

John Brown, after 18 months with Weight Watchers

John Brown, after 18 months with Weight Watchers - Credit: Archant

John Brown, 59, of Camp Road, was referred to Weight Watchers by his GP after being diagnosed with type two diabetes, depression and various other obesity-related health problems.

Twenty three stone John was stunned when he lost 14lbs in two weeks on the programme: “When I began I was on 80 units of insulin twice a day, plus a weekly injection called exenatide to boost insulin.

“My blood sugars were still not controlled as I didn’t exercise and did not eat healthily.

“In retrospect I was killing myself by inches.”

Gaining motivation and confidence, John started striding 26,000 steps every day and enjoyed taking his dog for a walk.

Now 18 months later he has been taken off insulin injections, is no longer taking antidepressants, and has lost a whopping 143lbs. That is about 64kg or ten stone.

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He said: “As I lost weight my blood sugars started improving, and my insulin doses reduced in line with that, up to the point where I was taken off injections completely. Biggest result ever.

“My quality of life improved as did my self esteem, and not surprisingly I am no longer taking antidepressants.

“Although I am much healthier certain irreversible damage was done by my self-neglect, but the progress has been halted.”

John says it is “good to feel alive and not feel lethargic and ponderous”.

He attends the London Road residents Weight Watchers social club on Cell Barnes Lane each Wednesday morning with coach Ashleigh Bee.

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