Former St Albans hospital named in Jimmy Savile investigation

The site of the old Shenley Hospital

The site of the old Shenley Hospital - Credit: Archant

A local hospital is one of the latest institutions to be investigated as part of fresh Jimmy Savile abuse claims.

The child sex pervert is alleged to have abused a teenager at a sports day at the former mental health asylum, Shenley Hospital, it emerged last week.

It closed in 1998, as part of reforms to the health and social system involving widespread national adoption of Care in the Community.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced that the number of NHS organisations conducting investigations into allegations of abuse by Savile had now soared to 41.

Though findings of inquiries at 28 hospitals were published earlier this year, a new wave of allegations has been made recently.

Some allegations relate to hospitals already under investigation but Shenley Hospital is one of eight ‘new’ hospitals now beginning investigations.

The Shenley Hospital investigation is being carried out by the Central and North West London (CNWL) NHS Foundation Trust.

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A statement on behalf of the Trust read: “CNWL is investigating a case from the early 1980s at Shenley Hospital, as the inheritor Trust for this site.

“The allegation is about a teenager, not a patient, who took part in a sports event held there when Savile was present.

“We have spoken to this person. Our report will be published in line with all the others.”

The results are not expected until January 2015.

The latest allegations are holding up the results being published for inquiries relating to different, older allegations, which were due to be revealed in June.

This delay relates to reports for four hospitals – Stoke Mandeville, Rampton Hospital in Nottinghamshire, London’s Springfield Hospital and Crawley Hospital (West Sussex).

A statement from Jeremy Hunt read: “At the request of the Crown Prosecution Service, the publication of the NHS investigations into Jimmy Savile is being delayed until the conclusion of ongoing legal proceedings.

“Therefore I wish to advise the House that there will be a delay in the publication of the outstanding NHS investigation reports.”

No specific details of the abuse claims or about Savile’s links to the hospitals have been revealed.

Reports which were published for some of the hospitals earlier this year, described how children – some of whom were recovering from operations – were abused in their beds by the BBC presenter and disc jockey, who fronted Top of the Pops.

The Jim’ll Fix It host was found to have sexually assaulted a 10-year-old boy as he lay on a trolley, waiting for an X-ray on his broken arm.