Fly-tipping outside Watford training ground in London Colney

FLY-TIPPERS dumped two huge piles of rubbish outside Watford Football Club’s training ground this weekend.

Household and construction waste were left outside the ground in Bell Lane between Shenley and London Colney.

Residents woke on Saturday morning to unsightly piles and reported them to Hertsmere Borough Council.

A bike rider, who was passing by the ground, said she was astounded by the sheer amount of rubbish.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said: “I had to get a picture to prove just how much had been ditched there at the side of the road.

“It wasn’t just an unwanted mattress, it was plastic toys, garbage, plaster and bricks.

“It looked to me like someone had been clearing out a house and rather than discarding of it properly, they’d taken it to this verge and washed their hands of it.”

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She added: “There was a bit of a smell as I went through it but I can only imagine how much worse that would have been if the sun had been shining.”

She said the rubbish, which had been blocking access into the training ground was moved over the weekend to clear the entrance into the site but had not been removed.

University College London, which owns Watford’s training ground but not the road outside, said the matter was for the council to deal with.

A spokesperson for the council said they were aware of the waste and that a team was investigating.

She added: “It may be either our waste team or a private contractor will have to dispose of the waste which will carry a charge that has to be paid by the taxpayer.

“People who spot fly-tipping going on should call the police, but if you see it and no-one is on the scene then contact us.”

Anyone wanting to report incidents can fill in an online form, email or call 0208 207 2277.

Reports should include the date and time waste was spotted, the location of the waste and a description of what was left.