Cathedral fire fears: Alarm sparks blaze concerns

Fire crew attend St Albans Cathedral

Two fire crews in two fully equipped fire engines hurried to St Albans Cathedral after a fire alarm went off in an unknown area around 2.30pm today. - Credit: Caroline Thain

Fire fears were sparked at St Albans Cathedral and Abbey today when emergency services rushed to the scene to search for a blaze.

Visitors and all those inside the ancient place of religious worship were evacuated while any cause for concern was investigated.

Fire crew were called to St Albans Cathedral today after the alarm was raised. 

Fire crew were called to St Albans Cathedral today after the alarm was raised. - Credit: Caroline Thain

A member of the cathedral staff confirmed to Herts Advertiser reporters who happened to be passing at the time, that one of the smoke detectors had alarmed, causing a commotion and an emergency response.

But she said that no fire had been found and, after around 45 minutes of checking the area was safe, people were allowed back inside.

The Herts Ad has contacted the Abbey and Herts Fire and Rescue for comment and will update you when they respond.

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