Film Review: Project X

Based on a (horrifyingly) true story, a suburban house party gets out of control after the invite goes viral.

Project X

Cert. 18

2/5 stars

STRAIGHT-LACED teenager Thomas is cajoled by his irresponsible friends, Costa and JB, into throwing a house-party for his birthday.

Unbeknownst to the kind-hearted Thomas, bolshie Costa has sent the invitation viral, resulting in over 1000 “guests” terrorising the quiet suburban neighbourhood on the night of the party.

Convinced their ‘project’ will gain them life-long notoriety, the friends enlist Dax, an unsettlingly introverted character, to film the whole thing for posterity.

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Along with party goer’s video phone footage, Project X does a Blair Witch Project, filmed entirely on hand-held camera, and later, when things get really out of hand, by police helicopter.

Any and every derogatory angle is exploited, including projectile vomiting, naked under-water filming and an angry midget punching everyone in his path in the crotch.

In all fairness, there’s some great camera work and impressive sound editing.

Most of the time you feel like you’re watching one of those hopelessly hip Adidas adverts featuring the likes of Snoop Dog and David Beckham.

Technical compliments aside, half the film is spent willing the party to be over so the tantalisingly horrendous fall-out can manifest.

Project X would have better served its purpose as a Skins-length TV program, as there’s a strict limit on how long a sex-alcohol-sex-midget-sex-alcohol routine can hold your attention.

One final saving grace is in the subtle casting of talented teens, and several scene-stealing turns from Milo the dog, who is by far the funniest character.

This film will be of absolutely no interest to anyone over the age of 20 and, given the 18 certificate, that’s a very small demographic they’re pitching to.

Ashley Whittaker