Film Review: Mirror Mirror

Julia Roberts stars in this visually stunning adaptation of the classic fairytale, Snow White.

Mirror Mirror

Cert. PG

3/5 stars

YOU know the story-an evil queen snares a kind-hearted king, locks his daughter away and lets the kingdom fall into poverty while living in the lap of luxury with a gaggle of terrified, yet doting servants.

Daughter comes of age, escapes the palace and falls in with a band of dwarves who vow to help her take her place as the rightful heir to the evil one’s throne, while bagging a prince on the way.

Mirror Mirror’s unique selling point is in mega-star, Julia Roberts’, turn as the evil queen.

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Roberts transforms the traditionally aloof and malevolent character into a pantomime dame, complete with black humour and shameless suggestiveness.

Lily Collins (daughter of Phil) fits the bill as porcelain-skinned, wide-eyed Snow White and Armie Hammer delivers a tongue-in-cheek, clich�d, Prince Charming.

Tarsem Singh, seems an odd choice to direct a children’s film, but his past offerings- The Immortals, The Fall and The Cell-all possess fairytale-like qualities, and his style transfers well to the Grimm’s story, lending it a darker edge with definite supernatural undertones.

For all the reports branding Mirror Mirror ‘silly’ and advising that you take it with a pinch of salt, the fast-moving plot, witty script and delicious aesthetics mean you won’t find yourself watching the clock, as with most children’s films.

This is a well-made, harmless take on the Grimm brother’s classic, but Snow White and the Huntsman (released in June and starring Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart) promises a more radical reimagining of the story.

Ashley Whittaker

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