Fears of St Albans’ Grove House hospice prove unfounded

MOLLY Morton had never even heard of Iain Rennie Grove House Hospice Care when a friend of a friend, who was a former patient of Grove House, told him about it.

At the time Molly had just finished a course of radiotherapy, and was rather alarmed to be told by his friend that he might benefit from the services of the day hospice at Grove House.

Molly explained: “Before I was diagnosed with cancer I was a working man with no reason to have heard about the wonderful services provided by Grove House. When I was recommended to contact the hospice the very word made me fearful, as I associated it with a place where people die. However, as soon I found out more about the Day Hospice and came here to meet the nurses and other patients, I realised my fears were totally unfounded.”

The day hospice is a positive and active place, run by trained nurses, who offer symptom management and emotional support in order to keep people independent and living at home. An individual programme of care is provided for each patient in a warm and caring environment.

Molly initially came every Friday for six months before he had more treatment. Now he is back again and enjoying the benefits of his Fridays spent at the day hospice.

He added: “The day I spend here every week is of great benefit to me. It enables me to meet new people all the time and the day passes really quickly for me. Everyone is very helpful and if I have any worries about my health, the nurses are able to get in touch with my GP. I would really miss my Fridays spent at Grove House if I could not come anymore.”

If you would like to find out more about attending the day hospice at Grove House, please contact Joan Follett, nursing services manager, on 01727 731013.