Fear of harassment trial led to man’s Harpenden station suicide

A MAN took his own life at Harpenden Station after a series of events led him to feel he had no other choice, an inquest heard this week.

Peter Srodecki, of Dunstable, jumped into the path of an oncoming train at Harpenden Station on March 20 because he feared the outcome of an upcoming harassment trial which was due to take place in April.

Richard Neil, a close friend and mentor to 35-year-old Mr Srodecki, told the inquest that the former engineer had been left devastated by an arrest on March 19, telling him that the police had “taken his life”. The allegations that led to the arrest were made by his neighbours, with whom Mr Srodecki had an ongoing dispute.

Mr Neil told the inquest that there was evidence for the trial that would have proved Mr Srodecki was the victim of harrassment, but that Mr Srodecki lacked faith in the police.

Herts coroner Edward Thomas revealed that a note left in Mr Srodecki’s car told his family: “I love you all. I’m sorry. I could not take any more of not being believed.”

His mother told the court that he had been devastated when she last saw him and behaved unusually, giving her a hug and leaving his mobile phone at home.

Witness statements from the train driver and a passenger on the platform, as well as CCTV footage, made it clear that Mr Srodecki intended to end his life.Mr Thomas recorded the verdict that Mr Srodecki took his own life.