Faith Focus - Wanted: leaders with integrity

John Truscott.

John Truscott. - Credit: Archant

The past few weeks have not been easy for any of us. Residents of St Albans and Harpenden have sacrificed much.

A friend was not able to see her husband for the three weeks before he died. I cannot begin to imagine what that cost both of them.

Another cannot explain to her upset husband with dementia why she is not visiting him in his care home.

These examples could be multiplied many times over within our local community. There is considerable pain.

But brave people put up with this for the greater good of saving our NHS and protecting many from possible death.

So it is hardly surprising that, when people see our country’s leaders appearing to flout the regulations that they put in place themselves, they feel betrayed.

When leaders do not apologise but seek to justify their actions, the wound is deeper.

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Last week, the word ‘integrity’ started to appear in the media. This is defined in terms of wholeness, uprightness, honesty, purity. The word comes from ‘integer’, a whole number.

Unfortunately, a few of those who cried out for resignations did so in a way that lacked the integrity they claimed to seek.

Church leaders were among those who rightly demanded a higher standard of behaviour but, sadly, the Church does not have a good track record for its own integrity.

While we have found our voice over this issue, we are strangely silent on others.

The Church is made up of imperfect human beings. To our shame, we mess up regularly.

But we follow a Master and Lord who showed perfect integrity.

If you want a character study, read any of the four Gospels. His was a life of perfect wholeness.

If your life is not one of such perfection, come and join us, even if online. Discover that the Christian faith is not at heart a creed or religion, but knowing one who allows us a fresh start, who longs to help us live a life of real integrity.

Rather like what we want to see in our country’s leaders.

John Truscott has lived in St Albans for over 40 years and is a member of Christ Church, High Oaks. He works nationally as a church consultant and trainer specialising in organisation.