Eyewitness reports of a gang of youths in St Albans jumping on police car on London Road

An eyewitness says she saw a the incident next to the site of last week's stabbing

An eyewitness says she saw a the incident next to the site of last week's stabbing - Credit: Archant

A group of youths have been seen jumping up and down on a police car on London road near the site where 20-year-old Emille Stapleton was fatally stabbed last week.

Lisa from North London, who did not want to give her surname, was visiting St Albans on Tuesday evening when she allegedly saw the incident.

She said: “It was about five to six, and I heard a big group of people making so much noise. It sounded like they were starting a riot. There were flowers there and I looked on my phone to see where the murder happened and realised it was right here.

“Then they all jumped on top of a police car that was parked in the archway.”

Lisa told the Herts Ad that although the police car’s alarm did not see to be going off, the gang of youths were extremely loud.

She said: “It was really bizarre seeing that happen where the murder had taken place.”

Lisa added that no police officers seemed to be attending the scene and said that “it was a really intimidating atmosphere.”

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Inspector Adam Such, from St Albans neighbourhood policing team, said that he did no know of the incident, as it had not been reported, and confirmed that no police cars had been damaged and the team monitoring CCTV footage of the site had not seen the incident.

Later that evening a chicken shop in Cottonmill was targeted by a group of up to 30 youths, who allegedly smashed the restaurant’s windows and threw a television over the counter.