Extinction Rebellion hold climate change protest on St Albans Clock Tower

Extinction Rebellion banner on St Albans Clock Tower.

Extinction Rebellion banner on St Albans Clock Tower. - Credit: Archant

Climate change protesters hung the Extinction Rebellion banner from St Albans’ iconic Clock Tower on Saturday.

Similar protests featuring the Extinction symbol have been taking place across the UK and worldwide to demonstrate a feeling of urgency towards the world climate crisis.

One of the protestors, Kate Jeffery, a professor at UCL and resident of St Albans, said: "It is tremendously important that our government starts taking this crisis seriously, as it directly impacts the well-being and longevity of the next generation.

"We chose the Clock Tower because it is an iconic symbol in our town that was originally erected as a protest against authority - and also to convey the message that time is running out on the climate crisis."

The hanging of the banner on the Clock Tower comes before the forthcoming St Albans council vote on declaring a climate emergency for the district, scheduled to take place at a council meeting on July 10.