Expensive cars targeted for keyless entry thefts in St Albans

Car crime.

Car crime. - Credit: Archant

Expensive cars are being targeted in a spate of keyless entry thefts around St Albans.

Most recently, the owner of a high-value BMW chased their car as it was stolen at about 2.30am yesterday from Mortimer Crescent.

The vehicle was found afterwards by police, abandoned in a nearby street.

An older BMW was also stolen in How Wood, Park Street between 10.30pm on July 16 and 9.15am on July 17.

There have also been a number of Range Rovers stolen across St Albans in the past six weeks, all accessed with keyless entry in the early hours of the morning.

St Albans Det Sgt Jon Green said: “Thieves are stealing high-value keyless cars – make sure yours is not the next one to be targeted.

“Car criminals are by-passing the technology and stealing high-value cars to order.

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“The best advice we can give you to deter these criminals is to make your expensive car as unattractive as possible to an opportunist thief by taking simple and inexpensive steps.”

He advised drivers to store their keys away from their front doors in a signal blocker pouch, use an anti-theft device like a crook lock or wheel clamps, and park in a garage overnight.

Call 999 to report suspicious activity or a theft which is underway, or 101 to report a crime retrospectively. Anyone with information should also call 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.