EU Referendum: Hertsmere MP to vote Remain despite ‘scepticism’

From left, Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP (Vote Leave speaker), Hertsmere MP Oliver Downden and Robert Buck

From left, Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP (Vote Leave speaker), Hertsmere MP Oliver Downden and Robert Buckland MP (Remain speaker). - Credit: Photo supplied

Despite his ‘scepticism’ over the European Union, Hertsmere MP Oliver Dowden has signalled that he still intends voting for the United Kingdom to remain as a member.

Large turnout for Hertsmere EU debate

Large turnout for Hertsmere EU debate - Credit: Photo supplied

His two fellow local MPs, Anne Main (St Albans) and Peter Lilley (Harpenden) have been vocal in encouraging constituents to leave the union.

While they have spoken repeatedly in Parliament about Britain’s involvement with Europe, and been busy campaigning to leave the EU, Oliver has hosted debates ahead of the vote but has not been as outspoken.

When asked by the Herts Advertiser which way he would vote, he responded: “Personally, I remain deeply sceptical about the EU. [However] I have reluctantly accepted the Prime Minister’s argument that we should remain at this stage.”

He said it was up to “the British people to have their own say on Europe. That’s why I campaigned for a referendum.

“This is a very difficult and complex decision about what is in the best interests of our country. There are strong arguments on both sides.”

Oliver recently organised EU Referendum debates in Radlett and Potters Bar, with about 100 people attending the latter.

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The speaker for the Remain campaign was Robert Buckland, MP for South Swindon and the Government’s solicitor-general, while the speaker for the Vote Leave side was MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

Oliver said that while most people in the audience were “very passionate either way” the debate “was civil and respect was shown towards others who may hold different views”.

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