Market stall to promote sustainable transport in St Albans

World Car Free Day in St Albans. Picture: Caroline Brooke

World Car Free Day in St Albans. Picture: Caroline Brooke - Credit: Archant

Environmental groups are teaming up with St Albans district councillors to promote green modes of transport for World Car Free Day.

Activists from Sustainable St Albans, Friends of the Earth and the St Albans Cycling Campaign will man a market stall in St Albans city centre from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, September 22 to encourage walking, cycling and sustainable transport.

Aided by transport planners and local Liberal Democrat and Green Party councillors, the activists will talk to passersby about how they get around the city.

Caroline Brooke, who is councillor for Clarence Ward, said: “What we’re hoping to do is start a conversation about the benefits of sustainable transport, improving public health when people have more active lifestyle, reducing the air pollution that is generated by unnecessary short car journeys, and cutting congestion for those people who need to use their cars.”

Transport planner Andy Martin, who will help man the stall, said: “My message is that World Car Free Day is about thinking about how we can open up the streets to everyone, to get people walking and cycling more.

“It’s about making our streets healthier and making ourselves happier; about thinking about if all those trips we make by car are necessary, or if there is a more sustainable, more enjoyable way of getting from A to B. Often it’s much easier than you think to make a small change for the better.”