Enter Shikari at Isle of Wight

AWARD-winning St Albans band Enter Shikari are looking forward to playing at the Isle of Wight festival for the first time this weekend, despite the sodden conditions.

Enter Shikari, which recently won the Kerrang 2012 award for best live band, plays in the big top tonight, Friday June 22, from 10.15 – 11.15pm.

Chris Batten (bass/vocals) said band members had heard about the difficulties festival-goers had experienced accessing the 14th Isle of Wight Festival, at Seaclose Park, Newport.

The event has hit the headlines today as thousands struggled to reach the site, with organisers apologising for delays, explaining fields had become “wetter and wetter”.

Chris confirmed: “It’s muddy. We keep hearing news about people having problems getting in. But I think we are going to be fine. I’m looking forward to it. They are letting people in now.”

Lana Del Rey is appearing on the same stage tonight.