Wollowy wonders at St Albans primary school

LIVING willow structures have taken root at a St Albans primary school to form part of the children’s outdoor play area.

The tunnel, arch and screen were planted and created by the pupils at Prae Wood Primary with the help of Living Willow - a company specialising in the structures - to enhance their outdoor nature area. The children will now be tasked with looking after the willows and nurturing them so that many future generations get to enjoy them.

Headteacher Jackie Stephenson said: “Despite being wet and muddy on the day, it was an exciting and memorable experience for the children that involved the whole school. At the end of the day, pupils proudly showed off ‘their’ willow stalk to their parents.

“It was quite literally ‘hands on’ learning as the children planted and wove the willow to build the structures and it really took their interest. We like the children to learn by having fun and doing things for themselves, rather than just watching others.”

The structures are part of the school’s improvements to their outdoor area which include an all-weather path, a climbing wall and a native planting area. The enhancements were made possible by the fund raising of the school’s parent association.