Tears of joy on GCSE day at St George’s

BEST-ever GCSE results at St George’s in Harpenden could cause the school a major headache - how to house so many successful pupils in the sixth form this September.

But it is a problem headteacher Norman Hoare is delighted to have. He said: “Our incredible pass rate with a doubling of the number of A*s this year means that all but 10 satisfied our entry requirements for the sixth form and after challenges for those on grade boundaries, we could have an even higher pass rate.

“We knew this year would be good - our monitoring is first class and their teachers are experts but the A*s are phenomenal.”

Mr Hoare said he was particularly pleased with those who struggled with exams but had got five GCSEs and had shown that their hard work and persistence had paid off.

He also said that the real heroes were those whose personal stories and struggles were known to him and a select group of teachers and support staff. “Those are the ones who we have worked with closely and prayed for so today was a day for tears of joy.”