Stanley Kubrick’s film producer brother-in-law to talk at St Albans School

Jan Harlan, brother-in-law of St Albans film director Stanley Kubrick, will hold a Q&A session at St

Jan Harlan, brother-in-law of St Albans film director Stanley Kubrick, will hold a Q&A session at St Albans School - Credit: Photo supplied

An international film producer who is the brother-in-law of legendary St Albans film director Stanley Kubrick, will be giving a talk about his experiences.

Jan Harlan, the brother of Stanley’s widow Christiane Kubrick, worked closely with the director for over 30 years, and was executive producer of such cinema classics as A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut.

He was also executive producer for Steven Spielberg’s A.I. and directed his own documentary, Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures.

Jan is holding a talk and Q and A session at St Albans School, Abbey Gateway, at 7pm on Tuesday March 15..

It will be followed by a concert of music from Kubrick’s films including “We’ll Meet Again” from Dr Strangelove; a Waltz from Eyes Wide Shut; one of Schubert’s piano trios, performed by an orchestra, string orchestra and jazz band consisting of St Albans School pupils.

Tom Young, the school’s assistant director of music, who met Jan at a screening of a Kubrick film in London, said it promised to be a fascinating evening for any film buff.

He added that Jan would “come to the school to share his filmmaking insight across the many iconic films he has worked on, and I know pupils are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to play the scores for him.”

• The talk is free of charge and those wanting to attend should contact the school to reserve a place by emailing Tom Young at: or click here.

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