St Albans’ Verulam School pupils building for the future

Borras Construction's Rob Marks and Eric Van De Velde with Verulam Students Tom Williamson, James Mo

Borras Construction's Rob Marks and Eric Van De Velde with Verulam Students Tom Williamson, James Morton, Finley Long and Zee Uddin and their lighthouse - Credit: Archant

A CONFERENCE at a St Albans secondary school recently tested pupils’ teamwork, imagination and problem-solving abilities.

Verulam School in Brampton Road hosted a business enterprise conference, with representatives from a variety of professions giving up their day – including a divorce lawyer – to share their knowledge with Year 9 pupils.

Borras Construction had students competing to construct lighthouses using given materials, cooperation and lots of innovation.

Pupils Hal Duggan, Lewis Liming and Barney Twine explained that were definitely, “some unique and extraordinary tower designs.”

The Bricket Wood-based Building Research Establishment (BRE) helped the boys look at the world in a more environmentally friendly way.

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Police officers talked about their protocols when dealing with burglaries and firefighters from St Albans Fire Station took the boys to the sports hall where they were given the task of crossing the hall without touching the floor.

Simon Taylor, who has worked at Heinz for 15 years, encouraged students to go wild with their imagination to design an exciting new product and then to do a pitch for it.

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The winners were given a recently released Heinz product.

Divorce lawyer Conrad Adam discussed the ins and outs of difficult decisions his profession faces over finances, property and childcare with the pupils.

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