St Albans to get new primary school in city centre

A NEW PRIMARY school has got the go ahead to be built in St Albans city centre.

Herts County Council approved the plans for the two form entry primary school which will be located on the Hatfield Road site that includes the University Law School and adjacent land behind the museum.

Cllrs Jack Pia and Chris White both welcomed the move which they hope will benefit families in their wards. Cllr Pia, district councillor for St Peter’s ward, said: “We have been campaigning for a new school for some years and so I am delighted that we have now got to this stage.”

Cllr White, whose county council division takes in St Peter’s and Clarence ward, added: “This is good news. There are some issues in relation to traffic to sort out but it means that fewer parents will have the misery of being assigned a school miles from where they live.”

Both men reiterated that parents would be willing to walk their children to school, claiming that 90 per cent of pupils already arrive on foot to schools in the city centre.