St Albans boys save hedgehog’s life

Year 7 Verulam boys rescued a hedgehog in St Albans. Picture: Supplied

Year 7 Verulam boys rescued a hedgehog in St Albans. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Archant

St Albans schoolboys have been praised after rescuing an abandoned hedgehog.

The Year 7 Verulam School students found the creature outside of the business teaching block and fetched a box to keep it safe.

Head of Year 7 Letitia McInally said: "They were very concerned about its well-being.

"It was lucky that our finance officer looks after hedgehogs and hands them over to a lady called Esther who runs the London Colney Hedgehog Rescue.

"If these lovely boys hadn't intervened, little Holly would have died within 48 hours. They saved its life by caring."

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To help the London Colney Hedgehog Rescue further, the boys are going to hold a cake sale on February 10 in order to raise money for this charity. Some are also going to get involved in releasing the hedgehogs back into the wild.

Esther Chant of London Colney Hedgehog Rescue said: "Holly was very lucky to have been found by the year 7 boys at Verulam Boys School.

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"Hedgehogs should not be seen out during the day.

"This is a sign that they need help. Holly was 450g which is not enough weight to survive winter hibernation. Hedgehogs need to be 650g for a better chance of surviving through full hibernation."

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