St Albans student wants to be Quorn of the catwalk

Oaklands College pupil Danielle Potter tries out her Quorn packaging dress

Oaklands College pupil Danielle Potter tries out her Quorn packaging dress - Credit: Photo supplied

A St Albans student has it all wrapped up when it comes to designing clothes - and naturally, it’s nothing too corny.

As part of her AS level extended project qualification at Oaklands College, 17-year-old Danielle Potter worked on a project looking at how fashion and advertising can be used to express the importance of recycling.

The vegetarian had no beef with the design - she would fashion a dress out of Quorn packaging.

But the only problem was the practicality; there was no way the teen could consume the volume of the meat substitute product required to have enough packaging to turn her idea into reality.

Luckily, a plea for help to Quorn resulted in the food brand coming to her rescue.

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Danielle said: “I emailed them and asked if they could donate any packaging. They were really helpful and said ‘yes’ and sent four large rolls. My dress is made from plastic and cardboard packaging, sewn together with cotton.

“It was quite hard to do. I was going to make an underskirt but that was difficult.

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“I decided upon an asymmetric design. It took six hours of sewing non-stop.”

Danielle added: “I was worried because I couldn’t put a zip in it.”

And apparently her faux meat packaging ensemble is no fashion faux pas.

The teen said: “I did my final presentation, and my tutor said it was very good.”

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