St Albans school is putting the future first to help next generation

A school in St Albans is looking to connect with its former students in a bid to build a network of alumni to inspire and motivate the next generation.

Verulam School in Brampton Road has signed up to the education charity, Future First, which has more than 400 schools and 100,000 former-students on its books.

The charity’s vision is to create a thriving and engaged community of alumni with which it hopes to support state-funded schools and colleges.

Headteacher Paul Ramsey said: “A network of past-pupils with all their valuable experience will be vital in helping us to broaden current pupils’ jobs horizons and equip them for the world of work.”

The scheme, it is thought, has the potential to inspire young people by connecting them with role models with whom they are able to relate.

Alex Shapland-Howes, managing director of Future First, said: “More than 39 per cent of state school students don’t know anyone in a job they’d like to do.

“If they see that someone who went to the same school, grew up in the same community, and has achieved a fulfilling and satisfying job, it helps them see it’s possible for them too.”

If you are a former Verulam School student and would like to become involved with the scheme, contact Verulam’s deputy head David Bullock via or click here.