St Albans pupils get flash back to Second World War

ELDERLY people who lived through World War Two were invited to a school to share their experiences with children learning about the period.

For the eighth year in a row, SS Alban and Stephen Junior School organised the tea afternoon with elderly relatives of the pupils in Year 4, who experienced the war, reminiscing and sharing their experiences.

It gave the pupils valuable, first hand accounts of what life was like in the war and the guests were entertained with a collection of songs from the era performed by the children while they enjoyed cakes and sandwiches.

The school has also been celebrating achieving an ‘outstanding’ status in a recent Ofsted inspection. It recognised good teaching, effective assessment and outstanding attitudes to learning and judged the children’s behaviour and spiritual, social, moral and cultural development to be outstanding.

In addition, it noted that the leadership of the governing body and the school had been instrumental in moving it from a good school to an outstanding one.

Headteacher Helen Hill said: “I am overjoyed that our school and the hard work of the children, staff, senior leadership team, parents and governing body has been recognised as outstanding by Ofsted. We are planning a day of celebration for the children to acknowledge their wonderful achievements. We will continue to strive to do the very best that we can for the children and we look forward to the many challenges that lie ahead.”