St Albans pupils get a taste of the theatre

PUPILS from a primary school in St Albans were blown away when they saw their ideas come to life on a recent trip to the theatre.

Children from Year 1 and Reception at Windermere Primary School took part in a workshop with actors from the Trestle Arts Base to provide ideas for a play and then visited the theatre for a special performance of it.

The play was called Blown Away and followed the main character as she got carried off by the wind on an exciting adventure. Stella Thomas, the teacher behind the visit, said: “The children were all encouraged during the performance to take part as the wind, which had them all blowing for England. It was such a fantastic experience for the children. They were completely engaged with the story and the atmosphere of the theatre.”

After the performance, the children discussed the play with the actors and were encouraged to respond to what they had seen by creating pictures.

The work was part of a project funded by Arts Council England, which saw the Trestle Arts Base awarded a grant to develop an idea for a children’s play.