St Albans Language School celebrates 10th anniversary

Some of the students and staff at St Albans School of Languages

Some of the students and staff at St Albans School of Languages - Credit: Archant

In recent weeks countries from across the globe have united for the Commonwealth Games but one school has been bringing nations together for years.

The St Albans School of Languages has been running since 2004 and currently teaches students of around 20 different nationalities.

Pupils from all over Europe, Mexico, China, Korea, Thailand, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine and many more have travelled to St Albans to learn languages including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Perched in their historic city centre spot, the school has never been short of foreign visitors eager to learn a new tongue.

Ian Salkey, who founded the school, said: “Obviously St Albans is a fantastic location, it’s very safe, and it’s very convenient for London. I always say London is a nice town near St Albans!

“Communication is probably the most important human attribute, the fact that we can communicate, that we can convey information and explain ourselves to one another.

“In the 10 years of this school, with all these different nationalities, we have had or have very few incidents of friction or arguments about nationality or political issues that you associate with international relations.”

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Following the summer months, Ian and his team of teachers will be preparing for their September intake of au pairs.