Sandringham School students thank NHS with blue heart campaign

NHS blue hearts

Students across all years at Sandringham School created a blue heart to thank the NHS for their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic - Credit: Sandringham School

Students in St Albans have teamed up to collectively thank the NHS with a blue-heart mural.

The project by Sandringham School was inspired by ongoing campaigns to thank the NHS online with the blue heart symbol, and involved each student making a heart.

Encouraged to be creative with their designs, the project began as a starter activity to kick off remote design technology lessons, and quickly snowballed into a project involving students across all years at the school.

Submitting their entries via Padlet - a digital platform used for making mood boards and sharing content in real time - students displayed a range of skills and techniques, using a variety of materials and mediums to create their hearts.

Some students opted for traditional fine art techniques such as water colour or pen and ink, while others created digital designs. Some even used 3D materials they had at home such as LEGO and the contents of their recycling bin, with others wrapping up and braving the freezing temperatures to create hearts in the snow. Some students baked and made hearts that were good enough to eat! 

When introduced to the project, students were really keen to express their thanks to frontline workers. 

Design technology and art teacher Trudi Barrow said: “I was so impressed with the variety of techniques and skills the students chose to use. It was really touching to hear how passionate the students were in wanting to thank the NHS and frontline workers."

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Year 9 student Melissa Graham said: “The NHS Blue Hearts project has been wonderful to contribute to. Our school community has been brought together through creating unique and individual heart designs in order to commemorate the extraordinary NHS.

"This project is important because it allows us to express our gratitude to the incredible workers who have given us their time and support. The NHS have done so much for everyone over the past year and deserve to be recognised for their hard work.”

Fellow Year 9 pupil Abigail Veitch added: “The blue hearts project is an incredible gesture of gratitude to be part of creating, as it demonstrates just how thankful we are to the NHS for the incredible work they have been doing in keeping us all safe over the past year in a creative way that binds the school community together.”