Result from Camp School, St Albans - Equal Opportunities 1, Racism 0

FOOTBALL and drama came together at a St Albans school where pupils were involved in an Equal Opportunities Week.

Camp School took the theme of anti-racism and football for the week, where events were linked with the first World Cup to be held in Africa.

Children took part in a range of activities and assemblies to celebrate the diversity of South African culture including a ‘Give Racism the Red Card’ workshop at the beginning of the week, which combined football and drama to show the youngsters how to deal with racism.

Later in the week the whole school tried their hand at some African singing, dance and drumming, a highlight being the school’s rendition of the South African national anthem.

In addition to fun sporting and cultural events, the children also took part in a non-uniform day to raise money for their twin school in South Africa, the Nolufefe School.

Ruth Rose, one of the organisers, said that it had been incredibly successful.

She added: “The children took part in activities challenging racism and promoting equality.

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“Over the week the children learnt a great deal about South Africa’s history through workshops and fun events.”