Pupils design new Abbey Line station entrance

Marlborough students at entrance to Abbey Station

Marlborough students at entrance to Abbey Station - Credit: Archant

Travellers using the Abbey Line are being greeted by a newly-renovated entrance to the station in St Albans - thanks to students at a local school.

The improved entrance marks the 10th anniversary of the Abbey Community Line Partnership which brings together the railway, local government, business and the local community to benefit the service.

Students from Marlborough Science Academy designed artistic panels for the station entrance gate depicting the history of St Albans and the railway.

They researched the history of the railway and the city to gain inspiration for this project and came up with a range of ideas, many of which were incorporated into the final design of the new gateway.

The project also included the renovation of the original brick pillars, the only remaining features of the original station which was demolished in the 1960s.

Councillor Terry Douris, chairman of the Community Rail Partnership, said: ” We are delighted to make this our 10th anniversary year project. This has shown a real demonstration of the essence of Community Rail, bringing the local community and railway together for the benefit of local people.”

He added: “A great team of partner organisations have delivered this complex project.”

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For more information about the Community Rail Partnership go to www.abbeyline.org.uk