Parisian culture is snubbed for theme park on St Albans school trip

View on Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

View on Eiffel Tower, Paris, France - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A school’s day trip to experience Parisian culture has been cancelled and replaced by a jaunt to a theme park in a move one parent has described as pandering to terrorists.

Parc Asterix

Parc Asterix - Credit: Archant

Marlborough Science Academy had arranged a visit to the French capital for Year 8 students as part of a five day tour over the May half-term, only to cancel it unexpectedly last week and schedule a trip to the Asterix theme park in its place.

In an email to parents, headteacher Annie Thomson said she had been giving the trip a great deal of thought in light of recent events in Europe, and decided to cancel it following consultation with colleagues and governors.

She added: “I appreciate that this will not please everyone but, on balance, I am comfortable with this as being a good outcome for all and I am confident that staff and students will still have a wonderful time.”

The Parc Asterix excursion comes the day before a jolly at Disneyland Paris, meaning two full days of the tour will be spent in theme parks, with a third day at France Miniature model village also promising “theme park style rides” according to the school itinerary.

But mum Laura Berrill is unhappy with the decision: “Even though I understand the staff at the school have a duty of care to their students and their difficult decision has been based on this, I feel that no-one can predict where any similar atrocities may occur and overall we should not be bowing down to terrorism.

“Another amusement park is hardly going to replace the artistic and cultural experience of going to Paris.

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“We here in the UK are not immune from these kind of atrocities, so maybe people who go to London for the day and tourists coming to London should visit a theme park elsewhere instead?

“Changing our plans and disappointing our children is exactly the kind of the thing these terrorists want and it looks like we have given in to them which is against everything I personally believe in.”

Nobody from Marlborough Science Academy was available to comment when contacted by the Herts Advertiser last week.