Your school heroes - praise for teachers and support staff during third lockdown

The traumas of home schooling have given parents an even-greater appreciation of our teachers.

The traumas of home schooling have given parents an even-greater appreciation of our teachers. - Credit: Matt Adams

The traumas of home schooling have given parents an even-greater appreciation of what goes on in our schools outside of lockdown.

We asked readers to send their messages of support to local teachers and support staff.

John Meredith said: "Mr Schanschieff at Aldwickbury School is amazing. He is so supportive of us as a family and helps us plan around our son's professional acting work. If the world was full of teachers like him, we would be sure of a decent future."

Catherine Higgs said: "I'd like to shout out Mrs Blackburn from St Albans Girls School. She has gone above and beyond for my daughter who fell unwell at the end of October and subsequently ended up in Watford General and then GOSH. I cannot express my gratitude to her for the level of compassion and genuine care for my daughter's situation that she showed even down to bringing her work to the house along with chocolates to cheer her up. Thank you Mrs Blackburn for being a fabulous teacher."

Susie Evershed wanted to recognise all the staff at Nuffy Bear Nursery in Highfield for continuing to offer a safe and loving environment for little ones, adding: "Also to Samuel Ryder staff who are going in to care for and teach key worker children and those teaching remotely. Miss Butcher and Miss George especially for working with Year 1 key worker children who had a great first day back."

Davina Wilson said: "Sandringham have been amazing throughout the pandemic. Ms Oaks (English) and Miss Constable (History) have delivered high quality online lessons each week which have kept both myself and my daughter engaged."

Jane Walker-Smith wanted to highlight all the dedicated staff at the Marlborough Science Academy: "They’ve all worked so hard through all the lockdowns and when the students went back to school, ensuring the children all felt supported, were encouraged, safe and inspired to learn."

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Heather Coleman recognised: "The teachers at Parmiters School that had both my children engaged and happy to be learning again. Also the support staff who make it happen."

Becky Alexander wanted to praise Ms Powdrell at Beaumont School, while Kaye Hemming highlighted  the staff at Marlborough Science Academy: "They have been amazing during this pandemic and before. They are a very nurturing and caring school and I'm so glad I sent my son there. Particular mention to Year Head Miss Pounnas and the Head Mrs Thompson. Thank you for all you do and the support you gave us through a family tragedy just as my son was due to start Year 7 and ever since."

Lorraine Ward wanted to celebrate all the teachers at Loreto College for their help during these crazy times, while Robin Wilding gave a shout out to Shonagh Fogarty at Marlborough Science Academy: "She is an English teacher and way, way beyond."

Sharon Linney added: "Ms Pounas from Marlborough was spot on helping my son access his home learning !"

Kathryn Thompson said: "A massive thank you to all the amazing staff at Sandringham School! You’re making our daughters first year at secondary a lovely one even in these most unusual circumstances.

"Also, a huge thank you to all of the amazing staff at Sandridge School, you are all fab especially Mr Robbins. Thank you for everything you’re is really is greatly appreciated. Keep smiling!"

Bryony Davis said: "A huge thanks to the staff at Katherine Warington School in Harpenden. Staff have been tirelessly committed and adaptable in their efforts to continue providing both quality learning and student well being support."

Sarah Secoy added her comments on behalf of Beaumont School: "To Zoe Shepard on her Christmas holidays collecting Covid test forms in a big box on a freezing cold afternoon in the school car park, to Lisa McKenna for always being available for that stressed or anxious young person, and to senior management and admin for the robust and efficient communication coming in constantly to parents at this difficult time!

"These teachers, teaching assistants and office staff are human beings first and adapt so quickly during this national pandemic to keep our children safe and learning."