Life-saving equipment given to St Albans girls’ school

A LIFE-SAVING piece of equipment has been donated to St Albans Girls’ School by a charity set up in memory of a local man.

The defibrillator was donated by Wayne’s Fund, a charity set up by the family of Wayne Pope who died suddenly from a seizure in 2005. Since his death, Wayne’s family have organised charity events to donate defibrillators to schools, which cost around �1,500 each.

The machines can restart hearts after cardiac arrest and are essential in emergencies. Had one been available when Wayne suffered his seizure, he may have lived.

Members of staff from the school will now volunteer to undergo training to be able to use the machine. Acting deputy head Paul Lerwill said: “We are delighted to have received a portable defibrillator from Wayne’s Fund for use in case of an emergency.”

He said the unit, which is designed to be easy to use in emergencies, was greatly appreciated.

The vital role a defibrillator can make was emphasised last month when St Albans teacher, Anthony Taylor, suffered a heart attack whilst at work in his school in Watford. Colleagues used the defibrillator to restart Anthony’s heart and saved his life.