Life is sweet for St Albans sixth formers

AN ENTREPRENEURIAL group of secondary school students have achieved retail success selling their products in a St Albans store.

The group of 12 sixth-formers from St Albans Girls’ School have set up the company Sweet Ideas to manufacture and market innovative framed slogans, which are now being stocked at Rose and Dylan in George Street.

With many fun and witty slogans, including “Mothers with teenagers know why some animals eat their young”, the support of a local store gives them the ideal platform to exhibit their products and they have already proved very popular with customers.

The enterprising students have used a variety of other methods to sell their products including their own website, the Harpenden Trade Fair, and a table-top promotion at Nuffield Health.

They are all competing in the Young Enterprise scheme, where groups of 16 and 17 year olds must start up their own business, create a unique product and make it as successful as possible.

Alison Bonfield, who acts as an adviser to the company, said: “I am delighted with their success. They have worked well as a team to deliver a popular and contemporary product.

“They have set themselves challenging sales and marketing strategies but these have helped them to experience the demands and rewards of a real business.”