Kellie Maloney, former boxing promoter, pays visit to St Albans Girls School to share stories of ‘champagne celebrity years’

Kellie Maloney visits St Albans Girls' School

Kellie Maloney visits St Albans Girls' School - Credit: photo supplied

Former boxing promoter and television personality Kellie Maloney has visited a St Albans secondary school to share details of her passion for the sport and details of her fascinating life.

Kellie, formerly known as Frank Maloney, recently spoke with Year 12 and 13 pupils at St Albans Girls’ School

The 62 year old is best known for promoting and managing boxer Lennox Lewis, who won the title of heavyweight champion of the world in 1992.

Kellie described her childhood, the ‘champagne celebrity years’, dealing with depression and the events from 2008 onwards that lead to her decision to undertake the various stages involved in the transgender realignment process.

According to a school spokeswoman, Kellie’s emotional roller coaster account moved the audience to tears as she described the extreme personal challenges she has had to face.

With the help and support of her ex-wife Tracey and her three daughters she has embraced her new transgender identity and proudly faced up to the boxing world, the public, and shared her story with the press.

Kellie told pupils: “The most positive outcome of my journey is that I am now comfortable with who I am, and I no longer suffer from depression.”

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When asked about her future Kellie said she was enjoying using her 30 years of boxing experience to manage, train and inspire two new fighters she has recently signed up.