It’s CSI: Marlborough for chemistry whizzes

Marlborough Science Academy pupils in St Albans won first prize at the Salters' Festival of Chemistr

Marlborough Science Academy pupils in St Albans won first prize at the Salters' Festival of Chemistry - Credit: Photo supplied

A forensic science scene greeted pupils from a St Albans secondary school recently when they attended a chemistry challenge.

Outstanding efforts in chemistry at The Marlborough Science Academy resulted in Ruby Ciric, Stephen Kelly, Akos Molnar and Katherine Fairs, all Year 7 pupils, being chosen to represent the school in the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry.

The event - held at the University of Bedfordshire - is an initiative of the Salters’ Institute and aims to promote appreciation of chemistry and related sciences among young people.

A spokeswoman for Marlborough said that students were taken to labs to complete a challenge comprising a forensic science scene, where they were given chemicals taken from suspects.

They then had to analyse the chemicals to identify the criminal.

As the challenge was top secret, teachers were whisked off for a talk by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Marlborough’s thrilled pupils won first prize for their efforts later that day.

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Ruby said: “It was very interesting to try doing practical experiments involving various chemicals as we don’t usually get to do that in class.”

Katherine added: “I enjoyed the opportunity to try lots of different practicals, involving lots of interesting chemical reactions. I loved it!”

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