Harpenden family have new quiz game sussed

TALKING about yourself is the main feature of a quiz game created by a Harpenden family.

Sussed! a new personality game quiz which challenges people to find out more about each other, is the brainchild of Mark and Rose Evans and their sons Luke, 18, and Joshua, 16, both students at Sir John Lawes School, who live in The Uplands, Harpenden.

They came up with the idea after the family decided they needed to supplement Mark’s income if they wanted to do everything they wished, such as travel the world, building a music studio extension to their house and setting up a charitable foundation.

Sussed! began as a board game in 2009 but was re-invented 33 times and renamed nine times. The Evans family put in more than 4,000 hours into its creation and over 2,000 questions did not get through the final edit which took place around the dining room table.

Mark, 52, explained: “The object of Sussed! is to score the most points by answering a combination of serious and silly questions about players’ likes and dislikes, reactions to things, wishes and opinions. If another player challenges your answer, and you can’t back it up, you can be forced to admit that they know you better than you know yourself, which can be embarrassing to say the least!

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“My weekday job is Head of Coutts Institute at Coutts & Co. where I manage a team of experts who advise family business owners and philanthropists. Most of the work on Sussed! is done at the weekends, although I do find myself working in the early hours of the morning during the week when I can’t sleep.

“Unsurprisingly, many of the success factors that apply to family businesses apply equally to family projects, including being passionate about what you are doing.”

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Sussed! costs �8.99 and is available to buy on Amazon.

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