Harpenden boy bakes for business

HARPENDEN: Entrepreneurial teenager Callum Mitchell has received his Just Desserts after setting up his own cake-making business.

Callum, 14, who lives in Hatching Green, Harpenden, and is a Year Nine student at St George’s School, decided to make cakes after being fired by the enthusiasm of his teacher Darren Boylan of the business studies department.

Rushing to complete delivery dates for the Christmas period, Callum spent most weekends shopping and perfecting his cake icing skills as well as baking the various-sized blocks of rich fruit and sponge cake to perfection.

Callum set up his own company, Just Desserts, with headed notepaper and a website, and advertised his trade to friends and within the school.

Two local organisation also ordered very large, traditionally decorated cakes from him while the ones for the school customers had a green logo of the school seal in a sea of white icing.

Head Norman Hoare said: “Callum has been incredibly entrepreneurial and he says he really enjoyed the project. He has donated 10 per cent of all profits to the School Development Fund and has been ‘persuaded’ to make Easter cakes later next term.”