GCSE Results 2016 - Sandringham School students celebrate top scores

Sandringham GCSE results

Sandringham GCSE results - Credit: Archant

Sixth form beckons for Sandringham School students after an excellent run of GCSE results.

Among those who scored highly was Benji Watkins, who received 11 A* grades: “It’s really good, I wasn’t expecting it. I was so surprised and proud with my history. I was devastated when I walked out the exam, I thought I had done it badly and I somehow got 100 per cent. I also got full marks in computer science which I’m really proud of. At A-Level I’m going to do maths, chemistry, biology, history and EPQ.”

Nisha Nagaraj received 10 A*s and one A grades: “I’m excited, my result are really good and I am doing English literature, biology, chemistry and maths in Sixth Form. I ’m proud of my history as I didn’t think I’d done it as well as I could but I got full marks.”

Isabella Diana said: “I’m ecstatic. I’ve got 10 A*s and one A. I’m extremely surprised but ecstatic. English and history were my biggest surprises. I’m proudest of my English literature result. I got an A but I found it the hardest subject and had to work really hard for it. I’m taking A Levels in geography, chemistry, maths and biology in Sixth Form”

James Allen added: “I got nine A*s and three As – I don’t think I could have done any better. I’m proudest of my English language. I found it really hard but managed to improve massively since my mock.

“I’m proud that I got three A*s in the sciences too. I’m going to take maths, physics and economics next year – but I’m not sure about the fourth now because of my results”.

Headteacher Alan Gray said: “A significant number of students gained straight A* and A grades under the new-style qualifications. These outstanding results are due to the significant efforts of students throughout their time at Sandringham and the hard work and expertise of the teaching staff. I am delighted they have done so well and look forward to following their progress and success in the sixth form over the next two years.”