Exceptional GCSE results at St Albans School

GCSE results at St Albans School hit a new high this year.

Pupils were congratulated by headmaster Andrew Grant after results revealed that 120 Year 11 pupils had achieved a new school record for the number of top A* grades - 55 per cent.

The combined percentage of pupils achieving A* and A grades was 87.2 per cent.

Mr Grant said: “Our pupils are able, very focused and many of them manage their time exceptionally well to combine academic achievement with major commitments to music, drama, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Scheme or the CCF as well as equally notable success on the sports field. They are impressive, well-rounded young men and we are proud of them. “There is a self-sustaining “can do” culture at St Albans School in which students get swept up to achieve much more than they would have believed themselves capable of.”

St Albans pupil James Sinclair of Woodstock Road achieved 12 A* grades including an A* in the new Higher Project Qualification.

Others receiving at least 11 A* grades included Matthew Morris of Chandlers Road and Harry Hamer of Byron Road in Harpenden. Harry was interviewed earlier this year for BBC Radio 4’s investigative programme “The Report” after discovering an error in the GCSE Latin paper.

Mr Grant added that the “exception had become the norm” and also praised the inspirational work of the teachers who helped the boys with their achievements.

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The average points score per pupil was 79.7, which is the equivalent of almost 10 A* grades and the average grade was half-way between an A and an A*.