Egg-citing times for St Albans junior school’s book week

WHEN a large egg appeared in a nest on their school roof, children and their parents were amazed.

They were even more flabbergasted when the fire brigade arrived to bring it down – closely followed by the police who cordoned it off in Colney Heath JMI’s courtyard gardens.

If that was not excitement enough for the youngsters from reception to Year 6 at the village school, the egg cracked and an “expert” arrived to talk to them about it and what was happening.

And finally on the following morning, they came in to find yellow feathers and eggshells where the egg had been.

The egg, which was a huge talking point in the school, was the focus of Colney Heath JMI’s book week and intended to develop the children’s imagination.

Head Pete Rose said it had sparked off some very imaginative pieces of work including writing, model making, poetry and an investigation of eggs throughout history.

He added: “It was very exciting and the whole community got into it.”

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Fittingly the egg theme ended the week as well. A dressing up day found Mr Rose and his staff dressing up as the ultimate egg, Humpty Dumpty, together with the King and all the King’s Men.