Early switch-off for St Albans streetlights is a risk to walkers, says commuter

Tina Batchelor has been worried by the street lamps in St Albans being turned off early leaving her

Tina Batchelor has been worried by the street lamps in St Albans being turned off early leaving her journey between the station and home in the dark - Credit: Archant

Streetlights switching off earlier than they should left a St Albans woman feeling vulnerable - and in the dark - as she walked home from work.

Tina Batchelor, 38, of Hart Road, works part-time in London and recently got into St Albans station late at night.

She decided to walk home down a usually well-lit route, but became uncomfortable when she realised the streetlights had switched off early.

She said: “I’m aware the lights turn off at midnight, and if I arrive back at the station after this time I will always get a taxi home as I feel more vulnerable walking home without streetlights.

“But because it was before this time, I felt confident to walk home along streets thinking they would be lit. However, at 11.40pm, Alexandra Road was in darkness, as was Hart Road.”

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New streetlights have been introduced across St Albans this year which are scheduled to come on at 6am and switch off at midnight.

A spokesperson for Herts County Council (HCC), said that although that was the case, sometimes they could switch off plus or minus 15 minutes.

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He also said that when the BST/GMT change approached, the part-night controllers defaulted to ‘safe mode’, which could affect the time the lights switched on.

Tina added: “I don’t think it’s really on and I was put at an increased risk walking home. I know that some people would argue I shouldn’t walk at that time of night at all, but I usually feel comfortable because the roads are so well lit.”

The spokesperson added: “Our contractors, Ringway, will investigate the lights on Alexandra Road and Hart Road to see if there any issues.”

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