Drunk who stabbed Polish man in random attack on Stanhope Road, St Albans, is jailed

Court report

Court report - Credit: Archant

A babbling drunk who stabbed a Polish man in a random attack on Stanhope Road, St Albans, after downing two bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka has been jailed for three years.

Anthony Zambra, of Watford Road, St Albans, pleaded guilty to making threats to kill, having a blade and wounding after he grabbed Marcin Lukanierwicz in an unprovoked attack on June 3 this year.

The court heard how Zambra, 39, grabbed Marcin around the neck and said “I will kill you” and made a stabbing motion. Marcin managed to wrestle himself free, according to prosecutor John Carmichael, but recieved a stab wound to his arm in the process.

Mr Carmichael said that Marcin’s big coat offered a degree of protection and he was able to fight off Zambra, a father-of-three.

Marcin, who had come to St Albans to work, is still undergoing physiotherapy and told the court he still suffers feeling of insecurity.

William Marshall, defending, told the court that Zambra had been “a lot better” since being remanded in custody.

He said: “He is trying to rehabilitate himself and he is off alcohol. He is apologetic.”

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Judge John Plumstead jailed Zambra for three years, telling him: “You had drunk yourself to a complete loss of sense and control.”