Dog rescued from Harpenden irrigation lake

A BRAVE rescuer risked his own life to save a dog which had fallen into an irrigation lake by a popular pathway.

Peter Brewell has won the undying gratitude of Dennis and Linda Cooper, who turned out to live only two roads away from him in Harpenden, after he rescued Buster, a Maltese terrier/poodle cross from the lake at Aldwickbury Park Golf Club.

The couple were looking after his niece’s dogs, Buster and Dexter, a Schnauzer/poodle cross, when Dennis took them out for a walk along the River Lee pathway between Crabtree Lane and Leasey Bridge last Friday.

It is a regular route Dennis uses to walk the dogs and he was watching the golf when he realised that Buster had run off. As he had seen him running between hedges and it was relatively common for him to run off, he set off back to his home in Marquis Lane assuming that Buster would follow him.

When Buster did not show up, Mr Cooper asked fellow dog walkers including Peter and his wife Jan to look out for the dog while he and Linda scoured the area unsuccessfully for him.

Shortly afterwards the couple received a phone call from Jan to say that they had rescued a dog bearing Buster’s tag from the lake and had brought him to their home in Langdale Avenue to dry him off before returning him to his carers.

It transpired that they had looked across to the lake and something caught their eye.

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When they looked more closely, they realised it was a dog that had fallen in but because of the smooth lining to the lake, it was unable to scramble up the bank.

Buster, who is about six years old, was tiring by that time so Peter lowered himself down to the water’s edge using rope connected to a safety buoy nearby.

While hanging on to the rope with one hand, he managed to grab Buster with the other and pull him out of the water.

Linda said: “If it wasn’t for the brave actions of both Peter and Jan, Buster would most certainly have drowned in the lake and they deserve a medal for what they did. We and our niece are extremely grateful to them for their courage and quick thinking.”

Her husband said there was no criticism of the golf club which had properly fenced off the irrigation lake to stop members of the public going to the side.

But a couple of years ago it was relined and whereas before it had been a gentle slope, the butyl liner made it difficult for animals to get out if they fell in which was a particular problem for wildlife.

He added: “However Aldwickbury Golf Course should be complimented for improving the area and making it such a pleasant spot.”