Does Australian woman’s long-lost father live in St Albans?

Claire is searching for her biological father Alan Wilkinson

Claire is searching for her biological father Alan Wilkinson - Credit: Archant

A woman is searching across the globe for her biological father whom she only found out existed three weeks ago.

Claire Sartori, formerly Borg, 45, recently discovered that her late father, John, was not biologically related to her when she confronted her mother three weeks ago following years of suspicion.

“My younger sister is very dark, but I have pure blonde hair and fair skin. I had always wondered if John [who was Maltese] was my biological father but never had the courage to ask,” she said.

Claire subsequently learned that she was born following her mother, then Valerie Borg’s, affair with boss at the time, Alan Wilkinson.

Now living in Australia, she is desperate to find Alan, who was last known to live in St Albans and is believed to be in his 80s.

She said: “This has totally turned my life inside out and I am now desperate to find my biological dad and hopefully reconnect. If he is still alive I am just pining to meet him. It is consuming every second of my life just trying to get some information.”

Claire was born in Watford in 1969 and lived there with her mother, two sisters, and John until 1976, when they moved away.

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Claire understands that her mother had an affair with her biological father when she was his secretary at Fishburn Printing Ink in Watford, and he was involved in her life until the age of two.

Claire was raised by John after her mother left the family when she was 12 and believes he knew that she wasn’t his but wanted to protect her and her sisters.

She said: “My father passed away five years ago and I truly believe deep down he knew I was not biologically his, but kept it to himself.

“My father knew my mother had many affairs but was the sweetest man, so he just protected us girls from all of this when we grew up.”

It is not known if Alan was married or had any other children, but Claire is desperate to find out any information about him, including medical history as her mother was adopted.

She said: “I do not want any monetary gain from this but I would love to know what my biological father was like and get some sort of medical history as I now have none.”

Alan has was described to be tall, thin, with greying hair and in his 40s at the time of the affair but Claire’s mum lost contact with him when her daughter was two.

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