Doctors step up Freddie’s treatment in his fight against cancer

DOCTORS have decided to give young Freddie Rowe-Crowder an additional treatment between cycles of the pioneering antibody therapy he is undergoing in Germany.

The eight-year-old has been taking immunotherapy medication since returning home last week following the second phase of the treatment for which �60,000 was raised within a matter of weeks when the Herts Advertiser launched a fundraising campaign to support the efforts of his friends, family and St Helen’s School.

But it means that brave Freddie, from Bury Green in Wheathampstead, now has no respite between cycles of the treatment in Germany which will hopefully cure him of the cancer – called neuroblastoma – he was diagnosed with last February.

His dad Tep Crowder said: “The punishment his body has taken means he’s rather tired. However, as usual, Freddie rallied well ready for his appointment at Great Ormond Street last Thursday. Our consultant, Peppy Brock was absolutely delighted how he was.

“Freddie told her in great detail about the treatment he had received and what the side effects were like. She was particularly interested as she is currently lobbying for this treatment to be made available in the UK. Freddie’s positive experience provides a compelling case for this and is critical in her arguments.”

He continued: “This is where the generosity of the public and Herts Advertiser readers reaches beyond the brave little boy fighting for his life, who everyone sees in your newspaper. In raising the funds for Freddie’s treatment, doors are opening that will give hope to so many children and families in the UK.”

Freddie’s third cycle of the antibody treatment is due to start on July 5 and the current plan is to run various tests and scans following that.

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Tep added: “This ‘staging’ will tell us whether the treatment is working, or has done it’s job. Clearly a very important and, perhaps, nerve racking time for us all, but we remain very positive. If anyone deserves to make it, Freddie does.”

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