Do these roadworks look finished to you?

HERTS Highways officials have been left red-faced after admitting they incorrectly claimed resurfacing of a Harpenden road was complete when, in the words of one annoyed driver, “it looks like it has been strafed by the Luftwaffe.”

Bemused locals contacted the Herts Advertiser after a front-page article in last week’s Harpenden edition about resurfacing of Topstreet Way and Milton Road quoted Herts Highways saying roadworks on the latter street were “more or less completed on February 28, apart from road markings, which will be painted on March 17.”

Paul Gloess said the Highways’ quote, “stretches ‘spin’ beyond its limits, as only half of the section that was dug up between Station Road and Shakespeare Road [between] February 17 - 28 has had tarmac replaced. The rest of the road has not been touched and it is not clear whether it will be resurfaced or not.”

He sent photographic evidence of the torn up road, showing “no parking” signs and a Shakespeare junction road join that was, “patched last year and forms a huge puddle when it rains, as the drainage levels are not correct.”

Harpenden resident Paul Seagrove said: “On the section of Milton Road between its junctions with Shakespeare Road and Station Road, a distance of about quarter of a mile, only a very short length of about 50 yards has actually been resurfaced. The rest of it has been prepared for resurfacing and looks like it has been strafed by the Luftwaffe.”

Paul added: “To say all that needs to be done is some ‘road marking’ suggests to me that whoever is project managing this work at Herts Highways actually needs to get out of their office and take a look at what is being done on their behalf.”

A Herts Highways spokeswoman apologised and said: “There has been a delay in the work on Milton Road. When we were carrying out the resurfacing we found some areas under the road that needed reinforcing with cement, which delayed the completion of the work as the cement has to set properly before we can put the new surface on top.

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“The resurfacing should be finished March 17, weather permitting. We’re also returning in a couple of weeks to lay anti-skid surfacing at the junction and we will put up signs in advance to warn road users. We appreciate that this essential maintenance work is disruptive and apologise for the delay.”