Blue badge holder with MS asked to prove her disability to Herts County Council

Blue Badge holder Alison Gann was asked for more information to renew her disabled bus pass by Hert

Blue Badge holder Alison Gann was asked for more information to renew her disabled bus pass by Herts County Council. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Archant

A Blue Badge holder has been asked for proof of her disability to renew her disabled bus pass.

Alison Gann, of Welwyn, has multiple sclerosis which impacts her life hugely. She has balance difficulties, regular hospital appointments and cannot walk without a frame.

The 56 year old is a wheelchair user and also has challenges remembering things.

Despite providing her Personal Independence Payment award letter stating that she is on the highest amount of benefit for both the care and mobility categories - she was told that she did not supply enough information to get the bus pass.

Alison said: "I applied on September 11 and got an email on Friday saying they need more information. I have been awarded PIP until 2023, hold a Blue Badge and am in a wheelchair. I also have had a disabled bus pass which needed renewing.

"It makes me very frustrated that I have a disability but I have to prove myself all the time. I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and I'm not suddenly going to wake up and it's gone. The clue is in the name, progressive.

"I am so angry and upset."

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Alison lives in sheltered accommodation. A reporter at The Welwyn Hatfield Times intervened and received this response on Tuesday, September 24.

A Hertfordshire County Council spokesperson said: "We would like to apologise to the resident for the inconvenience caused regarding her disability bus pass application. Our records show that she has been approved for the pass. We are currently investigating why her application was delayed and will ensure further processes are put in place to avoid this happening in the future."