Did you see UFOs over Bedmond?

UFOs were spotted flying over the Bedmond area last night (Wednesday).

Phil Southwell reported seeing three objects shoot across the sky over his home at around 9pm and has been left wondering if anyone else saw the phenomenon.

He said the orange glowing objects were definitely not Chinese lanterns due to the way they were moving.

Mr Southwell continued: “I’m 53 years old and I’m not insane, I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs – I have no idea what they were.”

“It’s impossible to say how fast they were travelling but they were going in a straight line with no deviation. The first one went over and I thought it was an aeroplane on fire.”

Mr Southwell said the objects appeared to be travelling north towards Hemel Hempstead over the line of the M1.

It follows a number of other sightings in the St Albans and Harpenden areas recently reported by the Herts Advertiser.

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