Developers promise full investigation after slabs fell from Napsbury Park house’s roof

ALL homes in Napsbury Park with coping stones will be inspected by the developers after slabs fell from the roof of one property last week, it has been revealed.

The announcement comes just days after the Herts Advertiser revealed how a family living on the estate in London Colney had narrowly escaped injury when the three-inch slabs suddenly started falling from their roof.

Sam Jacobs, the owner of the affected house, said he had been informed by a structural engineer who had attended the scene to inspect and assess the house on behalf of the district council’s building control team that other properties in the area were likely to be at risk.

This week the National House-Building Council confirmed that developers Crest Nicholson and David Wilson Homes had agreed to contact all purchasers of properties in Napsbury Park. They will inspect all houses with coping stones and report their findings to the home owners.

Any problems identified in the inspection will be rectified and paid for by the developers.

The chairman of Napsbury Park Residents Association (NPRA) Richard Biddlecombe said: “The NPRA is delighted that the developers have agreed to inspect all their houses that were built with coping stones. This has certainly given residents affected by the problem peace of mind.”

Firefighters attended the scene last Tuesday, August 30, when the owners reported falling masonry. Nobody was hurt in the incident but the owners and their children, who had moved in just two weeks before, were very distressed.

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The Herts Advertiser revealed in last week’s coverage that the house on Beningfield Drive was not the first to have lost its coping stones. A property in Farm Crescent also suffered the same fate last year, with the stones crashing into the garage and causing serious damage.